(in the picture you see my window down..well its really not there. Its like millions of pieces EVERYWHERE)
On Saturday i was taking some stuff back for my mom and i was leaving the mall and i got hit. She said she wasn't paying attention. I was so thankful i didnt have anyone with me. They couldve seriously been hurt. So she hit me, i called mom she came and made sure i was ok. Then, I came home called the insurance and made sure it was going to be fixed and stuff like that. Well, dad was in Dallas and his phone died the night before so i had no way of telling him. Mom and i werent going to be at the house (where my car is) when he got there and we were both freaking out because we didnt want him to pull in the drive way and FREAK. Thank goodness, he went to my cousins birthday thing (where we were going) and I got to tell him. I told him i got hit in the parking lot at the mall and he didnt think it was going to be that bad. I wish i could show you his face when i showed him the pictures. It just makes us all sick to even look at it. The wreck i was in a month or so ago was nothing. I didnt think about it for a long or anything and now its like it keeps replaying in my head. I just glad i had an angel watching over me.

I will update yall soon...when we hear what will happen next.
Life is still good....GOD LOVES YOU!

*Had to share this...k-love verse: What is impossible for people is possible with God. Luke 18:27*