My Fault

The worst thing happened today. My first wreck. OK here's the story:
There is a really bad intersection...3 ways with a yeild sign and the road is one way. so there is this lady in front of me and no cars coming (we are at the yeild) so i looked no one coming the lady moves up and i thought she went so i looked again and got ready to go...right into the back of her. No big damage. Few all. No one was hurt or anything. I dont think i have ever cried that hard in my life. i know it happens but i was trying to be so careful. My best friend melissa told me that i would have my first wreck with my phone at wasnt even with was in my purse and i was buckled. People say that accidents a few miles from home and i have proven that correct. I pray that it wont ever happen again. and i dont think i will go to that intersection again.

Life has been bettter....God is Good!...ALL THE TIME


Wes said...

LOL! We've all done that. Little sister impaled her car on a trailer hitch... Be glad you learned this lesson in such a minor way. Never assume anything while driving!!!