School and Job

School is about 2 weeks away from being done. It has been very interesting taking online classes. Its a lot easier and you can do things when you want and i like that. i dont have to waste my gas going like across to the next town to go to classes...i just sit in my PJs and lay in bed and go to school. I dont think it can get any better. I think i am going to take online classes ever summer until i am finished. I really enjoy it.

Job of the week - I am house sitting for Debbie and Big David this week. So far so good...They have 2 puppies that are so cute and full of energy. The first night was probably the hardest just because the puppies where hyper and didnt want to go to sleep and without Debbie and David sleeping with them it was probably different for them.

Tattoo - No...i didnt get one. I chickened out and honestly i am glad i did. Saturday night, me, mel, and 2 of our friends went to get tattoos. Mel got a cross, Ms. Kristi got a 4-leaf clover and Nicole got a "N". I thought about it and was kinda thinkin about getting one but then a few things made me think. Some one needs to invite an ink that last 5 years. I would get one then. Something on me forever kinda bothers me.

No other word on the wreck so i dont know exactly what will happen next.
oh...and my first friend my age got married down a million to go. *Congrats Ash.*

Life is good...God loves you!


Outnumbered said...

I like the new blog. Aren't Bubba and Sissy a hand-full? They are so funny when they come up here for a visit. I am pretty sure Smokey prefers that you are staying with them down there, instead of them coming up for a "visit."

We will be down this weekend for Katie's 5th birthday. See you then?!