I never have time to blog anymore!
I always just read everyone elses and use facebook!
Quick update....
Since my wreck i started school and work at a daycare....
I got a tattoo....
New Man....

And i couldnt ask for a better family or life!



(in the picture you see my window down..well its really not there. Its like millions of pieces EVERYWHERE)
On Saturday i was taking some stuff back for my mom and i was leaving the mall and i got hit. She said she wasn't paying attention. I was so thankful i didnt have anyone with me. They couldve seriously been hurt. So she hit me, i called mom she came and made sure i was ok. Then, I came home called the insurance and made sure it was going to be fixed and stuff like that. Well, dad was in Dallas and his phone died the night before so i had no way of telling him. Mom and i werent going to be at the house (where my car is) when he got there and we were both freaking out because we didnt want him to pull in the drive way and FREAK. Thank goodness, he went to my cousins birthday thing (where we were going) and I got to tell him. I told him i got hit in the parking lot at the mall and he didnt think it was going to be that bad. I wish i could show you his face when i showed him the pictures. It just makes us all sick to even look at it. The wreck i was in a month or so ago was nothing. I didnt think about it for a long or anything and now its like it keeps replaying in my head. I just glad i had an angel watching over me.

I will update yall soon...when we hear what will happen next.
Life is still good....GOD LOVES YOU!

*Had to share this...k-love verse: What is impossible for people is possible with God. Luke 18:27*


...Quick Update...

The month of July was so busy. I was never home...really. I house sat for 4 different people and keep kids and finished my first semester of college.
So within the last week i have done but hang out with all my friends. I absolutely love all of my friends. I realized the other day that i have a hung variety of friends. Me and Melissa have been best friends for years now and we have gotten closer and closer. Emily joined us a few years back then kinda went off without us and we have been hangin out with her again and i've really missed her. She is the dare devil of us...thats why my belly button got pierced yesterday...dont do it!...silly least its not permanent...Right parents? I love them all though!

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls for he has no one to help him up. Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

My Grandma is here from Florida and i think that my mom and her have a great time together. Hopefully my Grandparents will be able to move back soon. Keep your fingers crossed. I hope yall enjoy some of my pictures of my friends and i from the last few days.

K.Love's Daily Verse: Be still, and know that I am God... Ps. 46:10

Life is wonderful....God LOVES you!!


Brian...the Coast Guard

Back in October (2007), I got the chance to go to Washington D.C with D.A.R.E...I was the youth advisory board member for the state. I meet so many new people. It was one person from each state. Me and Alicia (TN.) became really good friends and we still keep in touch. The other person i talk to a lot is Brian (NY). We are all the same age and Brian graduated recently as well. I have learned a lot about him (He is a triplet..see the picture) and he has become a really close friend.The day of Brian's graduation, he left. He decided to join the Coast Guard. I just think about how many people are in things like that and how much of a hero they are to me. There are many things people in different services have done for us and the country they we dont see or thinking about everyday. If you haven't seen the movie "The Guardian" you should get it. Its about the Coast Guard and all that good stuff. (its sad though...)

Anyways, I just wanted to recognize Brian and tell him i am so proud of him.

School and Job

School is about 2 weeks away from being done. It has been very interesting taking online classes. Its a lot easier and you can do things when you want and i like that. i dont have to waste my gas going like across to the next town to go to classes...i just sit in my PJs and lay in bed and go to school. I dont think it can get any better. I think i am going to take online classes ever summer until i am finished. I really enjoy it.

Job of the week - I am house sitting for Debbie and Big David this week. So far so good...They have 2 puppies that are so cute and full of energy. The first night was probably the hardest just because the puppies where hyper and didnt want to go to sleep and without Debbie and David sleeping with them it was probably different for them.

Tattoo - No...i didnt get one. I chickened out and honestly i am glad i did. Saturday night, me, mel, and 2 of our friends went to get tattoos. Mel got a cross, Ms. Kristi got a 4-leaf clover and Nicole got a "N". I thought about it and was kinda thinkin about getting one but then a few things made me think. Some one needs to invite an ink that last 5 years. I would get one then. Something on me forever kinda bothers me.

No other word on the wreck so i dont know exactly what will happen next.
oh...and my first friend my age got married down a million to go. *Congrats Ash.*

Life is good...God loves you!


My Fault

The worst thing happened today. My first wreck. OK here's the story:
There is a really bad intersection...3 ways with a yeild sign and the road is one way. so there is this lady in front of me and no cars coming (we are at the yeild) so i looked no one coming the lady moves up and i thought she went so i looked again and got ready to go...right into the back of her. No big damage. Few all. No one was hurt or anything. I dont think i have ever cried that hard in my life. i know it happens but i was trying to be so careful. My best friend melissa told me that i would have my first wreck with my phone at wasnt even with was in my purse and i was buckled. People say that accidents a few miles from home and i have proven that correct. I pray that it wont ever happen again. and i dont think i will go to that intersection again.

Life has been bettter....God is Good!...ALL THE TIME


Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!

Pray for all th soldiers still in the war we are in now and please pray for peace.
-On K.Love this week they were talking about keeping the porch light on tonight for all the soldiers who havent come home yet. Remember them in your prayers.

Life is Good...God Loves you!
Happy 4th


The New Blog

I decided to make a new blog due to the fact that my last one was all about high school and my senior year. A lot has happen since then. Like, i started school the following Monday after graduation. I am taking classes online at Pulaski Tech here in North Little Rock. I love it! College is so easy to far at least. I am taking College Reading and College Seminar (like a study skills class). And so far this summer has consisted of the Boys i keep, School, Florida, and trying to find enough time for friends and of course my family. Last week, the kids i have kept since the first one was born and the boys i keep down all went swimming together. It was so amazing having the all together. I love all 5 of those kids (Huston-9, Jerden-6 (<-they are the boys i keep now), John David-7, Katie-4...5 in a few weeks, and Emma who will be 2 in October.)
Recently the extended family and i went to Destin. It was an amazing trip. My grandparents and tyler and i along with my parents rode down in the mini van together. With tyler's retarded pirate jokes and trying to find all the different states it was a fun drive. Granddy did really good with the car ride and everything was great. I really enjoyed spending time with tyler too. I never spend a whole week with him and we understand a lot of each other. Ryan, Melissa, Sherry, and the twins stayed a few rooms down and it was great spending time with them. Melissa has also started a photography deal and she does some Amazing work. She even took a actual family picture of us. amazing!
*Thanks Melissa* The weather was amazing while we were there.
We couldnt have been more blessed.

Wonderful day in Sherwood!
Next up...Book review and the house sitting.

life is good...God loves you!