The New Blog

I decided to make a new blog due to the fact that my last one was all about high school and my senior year. A lot has happen since then. Like, i started school the following Monday after graduation. I am taking classes online at Pulaski Tech here in North Little Rock. I love it! College is so easy to far at least. I am taking College Reading and College Seminar (like a study skills class). And so far this summer has consisted of the Boys i keep, School, Florida, and trying to find enough time for friends and of course my family. Last week, the kids i have kept since the first one was born and the boys i keep down all went swimming together. It was so amazing having the all together. I love all 5 of those kids (Huston-9, Jerden-6 (<-they are the boys i keep now), John David-7, Katie-4...5 in a few weeks, and Emma who will be 2 in October.)
Recently the extended family and i went to Destin. It was an amazing trip. My grandparents and tyler and i along with my parents rode down in the mini van together. With tyler's retarded pirate jokes and trying to find all the different states it was a fun drive. Granddy did really good with the car ride and everything was great. I really enjoyed spending time with tyler too. I never spend a whole week with him and we understand a lot of each other. Ryan, Melissa, Sherry, and the twins stayed a few rooms down and it was great spending time with them. Melissa has also started a photography deal and she does some Amazing work. She even took a actual family picture of us. amazing!
*Thanks Melissa* The weather was amazing while we were there.
We couldnt have been more blessed.

Wonderful day in Sherwood!
Next up...Book review and the house sitting.

life is good...God loves you!


Melissa said...

Love the new blog and LOVE the pics! Thanks for the shout out! Let's go back to the beach soon!!!