Brian...the Coast Guard

Back in October (2007), I got the chance to go to Washington D.C with D.A.R.E...I was the youth advisory board member for the state. I meet so many new people. It was one person from each state. Me and Alicia (TN.) became really good friends and we still keep in touch. The other person i talk to a lot is Brian (NY). We are all the same age and Brian graduated recently as well. I have learned a lot about him (He is a triplet..see the picture) and he has become a really close friend.The day of Brian's graduation, he left. He decided to join the Coast Guard. I just think about how many people are in things like that and how much of a hero they are to me. There are many things people in different services have done for us and the country they we dont see or thinking about everyday. If you haven't seen the movie "The Guardian" you should get it. Its about the Coast Guard and all that good stuff. (its sad though...)

Anyways, I just wanted to recognize Brian and tell him i am so proud of him.


Outnumbered said...

So, welcome to the world of online classes and college. They really are easier to fit into your schedule, but I wish they lasted longer than 6 weeks. I always finish each class thinking there is more to cover that we didn't have time to get through.

So, are you ready to move up here and go to NWACC or UA? Just checking.... >:-)